LMT 2005, MTI 2008, part of this fam business 20+yrs....I do a very unique massage. Relaxing, but also not scared to get in there. Smooth and rhythmic pace w controlled pressures. No disappointments!!
As a Licensed Massage Therapist of 21 years, I specialize in corrective therapeutic massage, with a unique ability to assess acute and chronic physical dysfunctions for neuromuscular regeneration massage treatments. My aptitude for human connection through healing touch supplies not only rejuvenation of the body, but renewed well being of the mind and spirit. Versed with many modalities of massage though years of training and practical experience, I am awarded with a current clientele ranging from athletes with sports injuries or physical maintenance, victims of injury from auto, work related or recreational accidents, patients with medical conditions such as arthritis, fiber myalgia, pre or post operations and pregnancy, to the average stress out individual in need of soothing. My goal as a LMT is to never retire from helping people.
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MON - FRI: 9AM - 9PM
(972) 285-6133 ext 1